"What are you giving Him for His birthday?" SERMON SERIES

Sunday, December 21

At Christmas we give gifts to one another as we celebrate God’s Indescribable Gift of Jesus. We make a Christmas list, we plan, we shop, and we present those gifts of love to one another as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus. But what about Jesus? What are you giving Him for His birthday? How would you feel if you had a birthday party and all of your friends and family brought gifts to celebrate your life – but rather than presenting them to you, they only exchanged them with one another?

As you give presents to those on your Christmas list, let me ask you a personal question, What are you giving Jesus for Christmas?

Come and join us at the Vineyard for our Advent sermon series...What does God want for Christmas? As we explore the topic of worship.


Christmas Eve Service

Wednesday, December 24 from 6-7pm

Christmas Eve at the Vineyard is a great time to come together both as families and as a community to celebrate the Good News of Christmas. Join us on December 24 for a candlelight service and a chance to look past the distractions of this holiday season - and refocus on the true gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ.

Stay tuned for a New Series

Sunday, December 28